A Visit with Wimberly Area Quilt Guild

8 Aug

A few weeks back I was invited to visit the Wimberly Area Quilt Guild.  If you are not familiar with Wimberly, Texas, that is a shame.  It is really lovely country and the drive from Austin to Wimberly is a kind of ramble through the hill country.  The guild asked me to speak about Modern quilting and bring along some quilts, so I packed a couple of suitcases with quilts and headed south.

The Wimberly members were so welcoming and friendly.  They had quite a spread of baked goods and fresh fruit too!!  They wouldn’t let me say “no”.  Heehee…

I presented about a dozen of my favorite quilts and spoke about my design process.  I had a thoroughly wonderful time and they invited me to come back.  🙂

DSCN0049 (796x1024) (2)


New Website!!!

28 Jul

Well, here goes…. I am finally jumping in with both feet and creating a Rockin’ G Quilts website.  It will be a place to share my love of quilting, to showcase my quilts, offer longarm quilting services and opportunities for workshops, etc.

I am very excited about this new step, however the setup process can be slow and frustrating….


You can find me at rockin-g-quilts.com or email at dawngolstab@rockin-g-quilts.com

Stay tuned as my site, hopefully, comes to life!  Happy quilting!!

Houston Quilt Festival

30 Oct

Well, tomorrow is Halloween. Since my daughter is a grownup I don’t have to make a costume. Since we live in a rural area there will be no Trick-or-Treaters… I am officially “off the hook” on this event. ✔️

So, I am looking forward to the International Quilt Festival in Houston. This will be my first trip to the event. Is a costume required??? The fabulous Austin Modern Quilt Guild has arranged for a bus trip on Saturday. This will be sooooo much fun!

My lovely daughter has agreed to go along with me. The AMQG gang could not be better company. I do not have to drive….AND there are SNACKS!! I am thinking this is going to be AWESOME!

Oh, and BTW I will get to see 2 of my quilts on exhibit in the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase!!

See you in Houston!!!


A year in progress…

15 Oct

Wow! 2017 has been a tough year….and it is not over yet.

Emotionally tough. Politically tough. Tough. Tough. Tough.

Hate and violence are present. Tragedies and catastrophes are rampant.

Things feel out of control. At least, out of my control.

I can march. I can post. I can rant, email, and make calls, but in the big picture, do I really have a chance of effecting some improvement? It doesn’t really feel like it.

So my goal for these troubling times is to focus on what I can affect. I can focus on making quilts. I can control the outcome. When I make a quilt, I control the design. I control the color palette. I can make a thing of beauty that will bring warmth and comfort to me, my family, my friends or even a complete stranger. This is my focus. This is my goal. The quilts I have created this year give me joy. So whatever turmoil and strife exists in the world, I have a happy place that allows me to clear my mind and focus on the good.

Quilting really is my therapy.

I wish you beauty, comfort and love.

It has been too long…

23 Mar

Wow!  How long has it been?  Way too long!  So what has been going on in the Q?

The Adventures of Alice In Wonderland, were finally realized!   


This took over my life for soooo long, I was happy to see her go to her forever home.  However, truth be told, I do miss Alice!  Following Alice I really wanted something easy.  Something that I could whip up and finish.  “The Games Kitties Play” filled the bill.  

 I actually started this quilt over 2 years ago and kinda forgot about it.  But as soon as it was done, I heard that my sweet niece Hailey loved it!  Ok!  The kittys have a home.  After the zen cleanse of Kittys I made some Junior Explorer bags. 



These are designed for kids to turn a walk in the park to an adventure.  With a few tools and reference materials kids can examine the world they live in.  We need to inspire the next generation, if they don’t care, all is lost.

So I’ve got a couple of things working now.    



And The Hunter Games #zombieapocalypse .

  So hopefully I will have some new photos to post soon.  

Quips from the Q, signing off for now.  Stitch on and enjoy!

Capitol of Texas QuiltFest – Fiesta!

13 Sep

Rockin’ G Quilts had a great time at the quilt show! La Feria de Colores won a Judges Choice award and our other entry, Steppin’ Out, was purchased by a woman as a gift for her daughter! I think a celebration is in order!
Tomorrow, Mark, Lani and I will go and take one last stroll among the quilts before quilt pick-up time. Then, Steppin’ Out will go home with a new family and I will bring La Feria back to send to Maria & Jimmy.
All is good and I am happy!
Dawn 😄

Capitol of Texas QuiltFest – Fiesta!

13 Sep

My La Feria quilt, entered in the AAQG QuiltFest won a Judge’s Choice Award! Yay!
There were some great quilts entered, which really makes me proud & happy for the judge’s recognition. My quilt did not look ANYTHING like the other entries. So it really makes me happy to receive this award.
I did volunteer work Tuesday, Thursday & today. Tomorrow I will work on my own stuff and Sunday, Mark & daughter Lani will go with me to view the show quilts.
We pick up the quilts Sunday evening. So Monday, I can send the quilt to it’s forever home, where Maria & Jimmy can enjoy it’s snuggle-ishishness!

Quips from the Q

8 Sep

Wow! Things have been hectic at the Q, a lot going on! My daughter’s wedding celebration party brought in family from far and wide.

It was so great to see 2 of my sisters and their daughters and my nephew (and wife) representing my 3rd sister. Along with some really special friends it was a lovely party!
Now it is time for the Capitol of Texas QuiltFest Fiesta! Ginger and I have quilts entered and tomorrow is the drop off day.
Ginger’s entry is “Steppin’ Out”.

IMG_0275.JPG. I love this festive quilt! It is for sale at the show.
My entry is “La Feria de Colores”.

IMG_0289.JPG. I love these bright colors! I made this quilt for my husband’s beautiful daughter, Maria. She has been very patient waiting for her quilt. When the quilt show is over I can finally send it to her! I know she will be glad. 😄
So I am pretty excited about the show. I have volunteered to work at the show and I really think it will be lots of fun!
So the QuiltFest ends on Sunday and then I can start talking about all of the other great projects that are waiting in the wings.
Oh yes, and I will report back on the show!
Dawn in the Q, signing off.

Quips from the Q

3 Aug

Well we had a pretty good weekend in the Q. Saturday I did a bit of quilting on my current project and then we went to the Harry Ransom Center in Austin to view an exhibition of the 1st World War. It was very interesting and they had lots of everyday items that the soldiers would carry.
So about my current quilting project. I have named it Foxy Frolics. It will ultimately be residing in my daughter’s guest bedroom and is designed to coordinate with the curtains I already made for the room. However, I also am planning to enter it in the 2015 QuiltCon show.

I am trying a new quilting technique on this one. Rockin’ G Quilts has a Nolting Fun Quilter, Nellie, that I love! Nellie is a hard worker and completely dependable. But straight line quilting, with a ruler, is a new challenge for me. It is no problem for Nellie, but there is a learning curve for me. 😁
However, I have passed the midpoint, so it should be easy going from now on!
I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel…hope it isn’t a train!

Quips from the Q

1 Aug

2014 Capital of Texas Quilt Fest, presented by the Austin Area Quilt Guild, will be held September 12 – 14 at the Palmer Events Center, in Austin. The theme for this year’s Fest is ¡Fiesta!
Well Rockin’ G Quilts will be at this Fiesta! We are entering 2 of our latest creations.

Ginger’s entry is a very festive quilt named, Steppin’ Out!


My entry is a king size splash of color named, La Feria de Colores!


This week I finished all of the extras required when you enter a quilt in a show. A 4″ hanging sleeve must be attached to the back and each quilt needs a custom label to identify it and the entrant. The labels are covered during the judging process so the judges won’t be influenced. And each quilt needs a cloth travel bag. Check! Check! & Check! The quilts are ready for check in. I feel pretty good about getting these details taken care of. The drop off date is Sept 9, so there will be no last minute scrabbling!
The sleeves and labels have to be stitched on by hand….my least favorite part. I only stuck myself with the needle about 1/2 dozen times and did not even bleed on the quilts!
Since I am an AAQG member, I have even volunteered to work at the quilt show a few days. I am really looking forward to it and am keeping my fingers crossed that our quilts will be well received.
Well that’s all for now from the Q.