Quips from the Q

1 Aug

2014 Capital of Texas Quilt Fest, presented by the Austin Area Quilt Guild, will be held September 12 – 14 at the Palmer Events Center, in Austin. The theme for this year’s Fest is ¡Fiesta!
Well Rockin’ G Quilts will be at this Fiesta! We are entering 2 of our latest creations.

Ginger’s entry is a very festive quilt named, Steppin’ Out!


My entry is a king size splash of color named, La Feria de Colores!


This week I finished all of the extras required when you enter a quilt in a show. A 4″ hanging sleeve must be attached to the back and each quilt needs a custom label to identify it and the entrant. The labels are covered during the judging process so the judges won’t be influenced. And each quilt needs a cloth travel bag. Check! Check! & Check! The quilts are ready for check in. I feel pretty good about getting these details taken care of. The drop off date is Sept 9, so there will be no last minute scrabbling!
The sleeves and labels have to be stitched on by hand….my least favorite part. I only stuck myself with the needle about 1/2 dozen times and did not even bleed on the quilts!
Since I am an AAQG member, I have even volunteered to work at the quilt show a few days. I am really looking forward to it and am keeping my fingers crossed that our quilts will be well received.
Well that’s all for now from the Q.

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