Quips from the Q

8 Sep

Wow! Things have been hectic at the Q, a lot going on! My daughter’s wedding celebration party brought in family from far and wide.

It was so great to see 2 of my sisters and their daughters and my nephew (and wife) representing my 3rd sister. Along with some really special friends it was a lovely party!
Now it is time for the Capitol of Texas QuiltFest Fiesta! Ginger and I have quilts entered and tomorrow is the drop off day.
Ginger’s entry is “Steppin’ Out”.

IMG_0275.JPG. I love this festive quilt! It is for sale at the show.
My entry is “La Feria de Colores”.

IMG_0289.JPG. I love these bright colors! I made this quilt for my husband’s beautiful daughter, Maria. She has been very patient waiting for her quilt. When the quilt show is over I can finally send it to her! I know she will be glad. 😄
So I am pretty excited about the show. I have volunteered to work at the show and I really think it will be lots of fun!
So the QuiltFest ends on Sunday and then I can start talking about all of the other great projects that are waiting in the wings.
Oh yes, and I will report back on the show!
Dawn in the Q, signing off.

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